Saturday, May 2, 2009

Say cheese ... sassypants!


Every contestant needs a great photo, right? Yes. Here's the thing... I'm usually the one providing the photo, but this time I had a new role. I recently had my headshots taken by the Miss Jubilee [and Miss NY] sponsor, Joseph Moran. Side note: It's very odd to make a first impression with absolutely no makeup on and your hair just dry and limp, no product or anything. Upon my arrival, we discussed my previous photos, what I was looking for in my new headshots, and a few photos of the beautiful Katie Stam from Four Points Magazine for ideas, all while he and Rosa, the make up artist, studied my facial structure. It was intriguing to watch another [much more accomplished] professional work. Going for that truly natural look, Rosa did my makeup so beautifully; I looked like I had absolutely flawless skin [and we all know that's not true]. Couple outfit changes, including my evening gown from last year, and we finished up after 5 hours of work. Here are a few of the favs from the shoot. Funny thing is, one of the first things I told Joseph was that I didn't like non-smiling photos because I always feel soooo lame in them and usually just look tired or sad. ha .... ha ... look what we ended up with :)

A big thank you to Joseph for donating his time and amazing skills as well as Rosa for making me look and feel so beautiful!

Joseph Moran - Photographer -
Check it out! You'll even see Leigh-Taylor if you visit the Client Access page and wait a sec through the slideshow. Enjoy!

Rosa Domenica Fanelli - Makeup Artist - EMAIL


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