Monday, March 30, 2009

You know Amanda Richie?


NLGJA, the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, held their 14th annual NY benefit dinner: Headlines & Headliners last Thursday. As the guest of one of my former MAO judges, Marni Lemons, I went to the gala with the affiliation of PFLAG. Marni represented Eli Lilly and Company, one of the first major corporations to offer domestic-partner benefits in Indiana. The event was hosted by Soledad O'Brien and CNN. Last year's event raised over $160,000 for the NLGJA programs and scholarships. The great silent auction featured the original clothing that Sean Penn wore in the filming of the Oscar-award winning movie "MILK" -- that was pretty cool to see! Also a fun note, of course it was a networking event and we were meeting lots of people. One of whom says to me, 

Adam: So Daniel said you do pageants? One of my coworkers competed in a pageant here in NY about 2 weeks ago and got 1st Runner Up.

Claire - excited but confused:  No way....I did a pageant 2 weeks ago and I won! Amanda? (thinking Mason...)

Adam: Amanda Richie.

Claire: Ohhh, Amanda Richie! She was 2nd RU in the NY Sweeper and I was able to give her flowers in the awards! Small world!! Shout out to the 2nd RU Club!!



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