Thursday, April 16, 2009

Go Gov Patterson!

First of all a quick note, in reference to my past entry "Who's cool? Iowa, Vermont or North Dakota?" Vermont is climbing the coolness ladder! They passed gay marriage in Vermont and added VT to the list that Iowa also victoriously joined. Look's like our eyes are on Maine next! ... and New York! which leads me to....


He said it! New York Governor Paterson: “We want marriage equality in New York State” Today, Governor Paterson proposed marriage equality to NY legislature. He also said:

"This is a civil rights issue. For too long gay and lesbian New Yorkers, we have pretended that they have the same rights as their neighbors and their friends. For too long, we have allowed the perceptions that gay and lesbian New Yorkers have the same privileges as their own straight brothers and sisters or mothers and fathers; that is not the case. Too many cannot even make medical decisions. For too long many can’t even cover each other under insurance policies or health benefit plans….All have been the victims of what is a legal system that has systematically discriminated all of them."

HERE is the official announcement from the Human Rights Campaign. And for a more conversational explanation, visit the Back Story Blog.


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