Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 New York Local Competitions

February 22, 2009:  Miss Brooklyn
This was the first NY local that I attended, and I was so excited!  I went to the pageant with Katie Martin [duh.] to watch my newly added Facebook friend, Keelie Sheridan.  Here, I also met '08 Top 10-er Melanie Hildebrandt, caught up with Leigh-Taylor and was able to truly meet Erin Kennedy, the new Miss NY Executive Director as well as LaToya Evans, Director of PR.  Miss NY OT Alexandra Mazzucchelli is an absolute delight and extremely talented!  After a wonderful pageant of both Miss and Teen contestants, Keelie Sheridan was named Miss Brooklyn 2009 and Melanie Gowrie is Miss Brooklyn's OT!  Congratulations girls!
March 1, 2009: Miss Westchester County . Miss Hudson Valley . Miss Suffolk County
Congratulations to Alyse Zwick, Miss Westchester County!  Katie Martin, Miss Hudson Valley!  And Marina Montes, Miss Suffolk County!   This was a fantastic weekend.  I really got to know some of the girls better and met even more new friends!  It had been a while since I competed, so it was wonderful to get back on stage and get geared up for this "pageant season."  Congratulations to the 3 winners and good luck in your preparation for Miss NY - I know we'll be seeing lots of each other :)
March 8, 2009:  Miss Manhattan . Miss Metropolitan . Miss Greater Gotham
I had already interviewed for this pageant, the NY Sweeper, but turns out I didn't get to compete in it!  Miss Jubilee ends - clear the auditorium [take lots of pics and eat something] then it's on to pageant #2 for the day! haha  As my first "appearance," I guess you could say, as Miss Jubilee, I was able to crown these next 3 [very tall] women!  Congratulations to Amanda Mason, Miss Metropolitan!  Inga Schlingmann, Miss Manhattan!  and Danielle Roundtree, Miss Greater Gotham!  I admire your stamina, Danielle and Amanda!   


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