Sunday, March 22, 2009

Photographing Miss America for Indianapolis Monthly

Margo Wininger, Art Director of Indianapolis Monthly: "Would you be interested in photographing our 'Day in the Life of Miss America' story?"

Me: "YES!"


I had already planned on returning to Indianapolis for the Miss America Homecoming celebration in honor of Katie Stam, once Miss Indiana, no Miss America 2009!  And then I get this opportunity! [Thanks to Bridget Bobel, Michael Nash and Editor David Zivan] I arrived at the Statehouse around 1:00 to meet the writer, Daniel Comiskey, and photograph the "behind the scenes" moments of Katie meeting members of the House and Senate from the entire state, following her lunch and workout with the Governor.  One the Senate floor, she was presented with the Sagamore of the Wabash award, the highest distinction given by the Indiana Governor. 


After leaving the Statehouse, we went to the University of Indianapolis where Katie was interviewed by the school radio, television station and an additional documentary.  Not only was Katie home in Indianapolis, but she was home in the studio in which she had spent so much time during college, preparing herself for her career in broadcast journalism.  After a quick meeting with her advisor about - oh that little thing called graduating - we went to a reception where she was given a standing ovation and wonderful words from Beverly Pitts, the University President, and her academic advisor.  Katie was very touched by the reception and took that time at the podium to remind everyone that she is still just Katie, who yes, happens to be Miss America, but crown/pin/title/sash aside, she is just Katie.  A long line awaited Katie to personally greet and congratulate her, ending with her Miss Indiana successor and fellow UIndy grad, Megan Meadors -- and a big hug from me :)
We don't yet know what will be published, so take a look HERE.
P.S. It's not REALLY a cover story ... but we can wish, can't we?


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