Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Miss Duneland rules the world.


Ok so that might be a little dramatic - but they sure are ruling pageant-world!! To explain, my first local title was Miss Duneland 2007. At that time, I didn't really understand the comradery and sisterhood that the Miss America Organization could provide for me. When I won Miss Duneland, I truly entered a family, and as my director said "Once a Duneland girl, always a Duneland girl." It rings true to this day. Well let me tell you about a few Duneland girls:

As Miss Duneland 2007, I crowned Katie Stam Miss Duneland 2008 - ring a bell, anyone? Yes, Katie went on to win the Preliminary Interview Award and Miss Indiana 2008, where I was her 2nd RU and fellow Interview and Swimsuit winner. Then on to Miss America where she won Preliminary Swimsuit and of course, won Miss America 2009!!


The same year, Lydia Daley was crowned Miss Duneland's Outstanding Teen 2008. Megan Thwaites, MDOT 2007 (my teen) won Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen that year - 2008! Lydia was 2nd Runner Up.

In November (before Miss America), Katie crowned Nicole Pollard Miss Duneland 2009. After being 1st RU two years in a row, Nicole won Miss Indiana 2009 along with Preliminary Talent and Interview! Lydia, MDOT 08, won Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen 2009! She was crowned once again by Megan Thwaites who crown her in her local a year ago (and is her best friend). [I did Lydia's headshots.]


This list goes on to celebrate the successes of Miss Duneland titleholders, both in Indiana and other states. As a sisterhood, we have now dominated Interview in 2 states, and have created quite a tradition of back to back Miss Indiana titleholders. Perhaps a Miss America back to back is on it's way? We'll see!!! Good Luck, Nicole and Lydia!!

Obviously the Miss Duneland Organization and my director Jan have made quite the impact on me because she laid the foundation for me in MAO. One way I give back to them is by continuing as the webmaster of the Miss Duneland website that I designed 3 years ago when it was my title.

Visit here!


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