Saturday, June 20, 2009

Send-Off Success!


I <3 rain. Nope. At 5:15 as I'm scrambling to get out the door with all of my wardrobe, raffle prizes, music, etc, it started pouring rain. Thanks to my mom grabbing a cab and saving the day, we arrived in plenty of time to get organized and set things up. First of all a HUGE thanks to Therapy. They put out the most beautiful spread of fruit, cheese, and hummus and have the best bartenders and servers you could ask for. Thank you manager Scott Ryan for helping everything run so smoothly, and owner Tom Johnson for working with us to make this a profitable and wonderful fundraiser!

We had a small group, but a great representation of all of the people who have been a part of this journey with me. Thanks to Arnie's family for their help taking tickets and donations, Bridget Bobel (Miss Indiana USA 2006) for hosting the evening, and all of those in attendance from the Miss Jubilee Organization, PFLAG, Ball State University, my UES crew, and IN folks!! I showed my wardrobe - well all of it that I possessed at the time and we gave out some fabulous raffle prizes including Personal Training sessions with my trainer, "British hunk" Chris Greenaway, a gift basket of Italian goodies, one of my dance photographs and a great dinner for 4 to Bar Italia on the Upper East Side.

I will take all of your energy and encouragement with me to Albany!! Thank you everyone for your words, smiles, hugs and advice! & love :)



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