Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jen Corey is Miss DC!!!


Soooo delayed, but things have been pretty busy lately! JEN IS MISS DC!!!! Almost a year ago, I met Jen Corey at Sweetheart when she was Miss D of C Sweetheart, 1st RU to Kate Marie Grinold (Miss DC 08-Top 10 at Miss America). Well, easily said, Jen is pretty much a rockstar...and so are her family members. After sharing mucho time together at Sweetheart, riding in the "BS Mobile" together along with NJ and DE, Jen and I became quick friends, far beyond pageant land. I wanted to go to work everyday just so that I could get on gchat and talk to her :) I spent Thanksgiving in Long Island with her family, we went to the Presidential Inauguration and Miss America together, and she was there supporting me in Albany at Miss New York. Great girl.


At Miss DC, I met up with Ashleigh Udalovas, Miss NJ Sweetheart '08 (1st RU '09) and then spent the evening with our former Miss NY, Leigh-Taylor Smith, and the new Miss VA, Caressa Cameron. The show was great -- 14 contestants, Kate Marie riding in on a motorcycle to dance the finale of Center Stage, lots of salsa dancing and leather. Pageant, right? haha Loved it. My Miss IN roommate from last year, Ashton Kunkle, placed 4th RU!! Jen won the CMN award for raising $10,000 in the past 3 years (WOW!!), Overall Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Talent!! This girl has a shot at Miss America Talent awards for sure - she captivated the audience and probably won before she even opened her mouth to sing because she looked so stunning and in character. (Opera - O Mio Babbino Caro) When they called her name, it was soooo exciting, it was like I had won something! hahaha Although I won't be going WITH her to Miss America, I am so excited to pour my energy and excitement into her as she prepares for this dream!

I'm actually currently designing her website, business cards, autograph cards, thank you notes. I'll post them soon! The cool part that's finished is her platform logo. Jen's grandfather started a trash company that is basically responsible for waste in NYC now. She has grown up with this and recycling, etc and changed her platform this year to reflect that and her support of the green movement. With a little pageant double entendre, she perfectly named her new platform "Let's Talk Trash." And here is the new logo. Fabulous, right? We have a photoshoot with garbage trucks set up for next weekend. I'm excited.


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That logo is HOTT! Did you design it?

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