Sunday, June 28, 2009

Miss New York ... Update #2!

Ok, where did we leave off? Friday? Think so.


Talent tech rehearsals in the AM. These went well, 'nuf said. We took a tour of the Capitol Building today and it is gorgeous. I had already explored quite a bit of the capitol at Equality & Justice Day in Albany in April, but I had never actually been on the floor of the Senate or Assembly. These rooms are filled with hand carved wooden ceilings and stone and marble columns - just gorgeous. But hey, fear not, we didn't interrupt anything...there is still the big stalemate going on. Hopefully they get back to work ASAP because we have $2.7 billion on the line in the way of bills that we will lose by Tuesday if they are not in session. Here's a great photo from the million dollar steps.

Prelims. Opening number - snazzy of course. On-stage question followed. Mine was written by Leigh-Taylor Smith, Miss NY 2008 and read, "If your younger sister or brother came to you and told you they were having sex and wanted you to buy condoms, would you?" (Thought: Hannah is in the audience right now.) "Absolutely, yes I would. Teenagers are engaging in premarital sex at a younger and younger age and we cannot only be sending a message about abstinence anymore. We need to talk about condoms, birth control, etc in sex education in schools, but it starts at home. The duty of an older sibling is to be a role model and as that, I would take my sister to go buy condoms with her." whew. Immediate text to LT: Thanks, condoms. Jumped into Swimsuit (even on my off night) for the Swimsuit production number...yeah dancin' in a swimsuit to "Green Eyed Lady." And stretch. I danced my talent "Wonderful" and it was the greatest feeling!!! At one point, I got a little behind the music, but I didn't care at all because I was just holding my leg alllll the way up in the air, staring down a judge! hahaha Loved it and it was the best time I have performed it. At this point, all of our preliminary scores were in, and I could not be more proud of how I presented myself! That's the best feeling!!


Congratulations to Friday's Prelim Winners: Alpha Swimsuit, Alyse Zwick, Westchester County Omega Talent, Amanda Mason, Metropolitan Alpha Evening Gown, Danielle Rountree, Greater Gotham

Afterwards we went back to the hotel for our NVM|9 fitting and Eli Wedel arrived!!! Yayyyyyy best guy friend and I haven't seen him for a year :) amazing.

Meanwhile, my little nugget Lydia Daley was competing for Miss Indiana's Outstanding Teen -- and she won!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Congratulations!


First order of business, sleep in. Throw that hair in a rockin' ponytail and squeeze on my NVM|9 black wax skinny jeans and red heels for the NVM|9 fashion show. This was a blast. We did a show at Colonie Center Mall featuring our 21 contestants and Alexander Mazzuchelli, Miss NY Outstanding Teen 2008. She is a phenomenal singer!! Autograph signing then off to photos and the Cheesecake Factory <-- yummmm. And yes, we did all share a piece of cheesecake :)




Miss New York's Outstanding Teen Pageant was a blast ~ Everyone did a fabulous job! A special congratulations to my teen, Nirvanna - she represented Team Jubilee very well!! These girls definitely lit a fire under our butts because they verged on putting us to shame in talent AND on stage question! The teen pageants are always amazing to watch because they are so talented. These girls have so much confidence and just really go out there and lay it on the line. One may not be the most technical dancer, but she was DANCING so hard!! It was motivating, I'll tell you what. However, someone WAS the most technical dancer. I have to give a shout out to Ali Stroming. She is an ABT dancer and would win talent at Miss New York & Miss America -- not MAOT, I'm talking about the big girls in Miss America. She was stunningly gorgeous in a contemporary pointe dance. I can't wait to photograph her in the city. Congratulations for a GREAT show to all of the girls, and especially to the new Miss New York's Outstanding Teen, Kara Jae Kowalski!!! I will say this, it was pretty awesome to see how all of us Miss girls cheered on the Teens - they deserved it.


We attended the Miss NY Ball following with great gift baskets - all the girls did such a fab job getting their baskets together -- thank you Michael Nash for your donation!!! We had a great night of dancing and fun with the teeny boppers :) Everyone looked fantastic!! (I was rockin a Brooke Waddell original and lovin' it :) )

my dad and me - he's doing his "pageant pose" :)


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