Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miss Southeast New York!

Miss Jubilee year = complete ---- Miss Southeast New York year = just beginning!

Follow this next (and last year) as I compete for Miss New York for one final chance to go to Miss America and represent my city, state, platform and friends!


Wow! What a weekend! Miss New York is going to be an incredible competition to watch and the class of 2010 local titleholders will be an exciting group to follow.

I gave up my title of Miss Jubilee 2 weeks ago and it was right back to it in preparation/organization for "pageant-palooza" as Keelie has appropriately named the weekend of March 26-27 during which 30+ girls competed for 6 local titles in Miss New York Class of 2010. As prepared and excited as I was, I was NERVOUS and feel very fortunate to have secured one of those spots.

Congratulations to the first round of titleholders:
Miss Greater Gotham Amanda Mason
Miss Metropolitan Hannah Wright
Miss Manhattan Jackie Holmes

You are all incredibly talented women and I look forward to this summer together. (It’s funny how intertwined the performance world is...Hannah is all the way from Utah, yet attends Juilliard and knows my friend Brett! That's one of the really fun things I have found about pageants though is the connections you find with all of the new people who you're constantly meeting.)

So yes, I competed in that one...and I did my best! The competition was solid and deserving girls will represent that local organization. My on-stage question was "Is winning the most important part of competing in a pageant?" I said no. “When I look back at the past three years of competing in pageants I see incredible growth. The preparation, especially for the interview process, challenges you to know what you believe and why you believe it. The sparkly headpiece is a great bonus though. :)” And even after "losing" I still do feel this way.

On to round two though, I knew I had to bring it!! This was my only and last chance to go to Miss New York. So I took a break, refreshed the makeup and hairspray, and it was go time. My crazy friends and fans were just as loud and I was more energized with a lot on the line. Swimsuit > talent > evening gown > on-stage question > final look...two hours later I looked at Cassie and Keelie just hoping that awards would be good news for all of us.

And they were. :) View the crowning moments HERE! [This may not work, just forewarning...]
Miss Congeniality Lynn Tryon (I almost wrote "duh." on my vote
1st RU Stacey Minchin
Miss Southeast New York Claire Buffie !!!
Miss Liberty Cassie Franklin
Miss Greater NYC Keelie Sheridan

!!!! I still can't believe it. !!! Congrats to all who competed in pageant-palooza (that even continued Sunday with Miss Brooklyn, Mallory Hagan)

Thank you to my mom JoJo for coming, altering, feeding, packing, errand running and loving. And my family who couldn't be there but encouraged me so much.

Thank you to the 26 people including the Miss Jubilee board members who came to watch round one and for all who stayed and continued to cheer (loudly), and also thanks to the many people sending text messages, Facebook posts, voicemails, emails, vibes, thoughts and prayers!!! I really do feel them all and they remind me of how fortunate I am to have your support system.

Thank you to the Miss New York Board, specifically Paul Brown, Kenny Mack and Linda Carbo, for executing a wonderful, fast and well-organized day! And to Ricardo, Rene and Leah for your dedication as well.

Meeting Monday to get things kicked off for this new adventure!


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