Saturday, March 20, 2010

The end.

My time as Miss Jubilee has come to a close and I have officially passed my title onto my successor(s). We expanded the Miss Jubilee Organization this year and that's going to bring great things! Miss Jubilee 2010 is Inga Schlingmann and Miss Southern NY 2010 is Faren Collins! And Miss Jubilee's OT is Alison Stroming! Congrats to all 3 of you and to all 20 girls who competed -- very deserving group!

From R to L: Teen 2nd RU Sarah Herzberg, Teen 1st RU Jordan Kowalski, Miss Jubilee's OT Alison Stroming -- Miss Southern NY Faren Collins, Miss Jubilee Inga Schlingmann -- Miss 1st RU Cassie Franklin, Miss 2nd RU Amanda Mason, Miss 3rd RU Catherine Cosmai

I did a really poor job of taking pics of the weekend because I was crazy busy doing loottss of other things -- sorry! The pageant was a fun and smooth day for the most part because the girls were wonderful, flexible and energetic. It was a great competition and I feel confident in the winners and that the runners up will have great futures, with Miss New York as a part of them.

Important THANK YOUs go out to:
- all judges, volunteers and audience members for tracking through the flooding, power outages, etc to get to the pageant and support the girls
- my mom for withstanding delays and craziness to support me
- Leigh-Taylor for emceeing with me and celebrating my year together
- Arnie and Ivette for producing a great pageant with lots of sponsors and success
- Walter and his team of Hewlett High School stage crew for a wonderful, top-notch production
- Eric and the HHS Concert Chorale for their beautiful singing and especially the guys for escorting the ladies in evening gown
- Nirvanna for being so flexible and reliable throughout the entire day, helping at each opportunity
- All of the contestants for a fantastic time, being flexible, on time and enthusiastic, a great competition, and wonderful memories to wrap up the year!

My Farewell Letter from the program:

What's Next?
I compete for the titles of Miss Manhattan/Metropolitan/Greater Gotham next weekend, March 27th in Manhattan!! One last shot!


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