Friday, May 29, 2009

Trip to Florida!


Flight delay in an airport? Bummer. Oh wait…. Perfect opportunity to catch you up on my blog and week of fantastic relaxation and preparation. I flew down to Florida to meet my mom for a couple day getaway and to be fitted for my evening gown. Upon arrival, we headed over to Regalia for the first fitting. [Aside: Driving didn’t go so well for us – by the end of the trip we just stopped counting the U-turns.] Let me just start with the stone-hard fact: David and Carry at Regalia are absolutely wonderful. Right off the bat, I was faced with my first test of flexibility (which is a 100% necessary attribute of a state titleholder). Thanks to their patience, creative input, and encouragement, it was easier to maintain a positive outlook and focus on solving problems efficiently. Jennifer, the seamstress at Regalia, will become my new hero on June 10th when my evening gown: attempt #2 arrives in New York. After returning to the store on Thursday for a fitting of the new prototype and round 2 of brainstorming and idea clarification, I am confident that I will walk on stage in 27 days in my dream evening gown! At the store, I met Stephanie Lozano, Miss Florida International University, who was also being fitted for her gown. Good Luck at Miss Florida, Stephanie!

In between my Regalia visits, I danced at James Dance Center, rehearsing my solo. JDC was the sister studio of my dance studio growing up, so this was a fun blast from the past! We sat poolside and ate watermelon, worked out in the mornings, watched movies and got massages and a facial. More importantly though, my mom and I caught up. We talked about my parents’ 3-week trip to Africa to visit my sister, Sarah; we talked about our family and relationships and the direction they are taking each of us in; we talked about my growth, the possibilities I have in my future, and how to best prepare for the unknown. It was a great getaway and much needed time for relaxation. I’ve got the best mom ever! PICS FROM THE TRIP

We stayed in a friend’s house in Kissimmee. They have a journal in which people write about their vacation, share great restaurants, etc. This is basically what I wrote:

Recipe for great pageant preparation:

1) Emotional Health: Relaxation poolside with Mama Bird (that’s what they call my mom), eating watermelon and gourmet salads
2) Swimsuit: AM walks, runs and workouts in the Florida humidity
3) Evening Gown: The perfect gown from Regalia….almost!
4) Talent: Dancing/Rehearsal at the nearby James Dance Center
5) Interview: Catching up on current events, reading articles and newspaper cutouts from JoJo
6) Interview/Sanity: Watching the Oscar-nominated films (& some blockbuster bummers)

All at the “Shellenswimmer’s!” Thanks for a perfect vacation!

Love, Claire Bear
“a hopeful Miss New York 2009”

You, too, can have this experience! The Shellenberger’s vacation home is fantastic and available for you to stay in when you go to Disney World, MAO Outstanding Teen or dress shopping at Regalia (for your pageant people), or just to get away! Here’s the short version – if you’d like more info, let me know! 3 bdrm, 2 bath: Queen, Full, 2 Twin (+ 4 couches) – Living room, den, full eat-in kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and a screened in pool with poolside amenities – in a neighborhood in Kissimmee great for walking/running – close to Disney, downtown Orlando, and more. Email me or Todd & Jamie at PICS OF THE HOUSE


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