Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miss Staten Island


After a long day at Dress Rehearsal for Hewlett High School's production of Guys and Dolls, it was off to Staten Island for the Miss Staten Island Pageant. As far as local pageants go in NY and beyond, this one is crazy! Yes, it was almost 5 hours long, however, it was so entertaining!! The Star Struck Dance Company brought much excitement to the show with their hard-hitting, fast-paced performances to open each act.

From the first 4 steps she took on stage, I leaned over to Sharon, Arnie's daughter, and said "There's your Miss Staten Island." A while later, the same girl, Jennifer Scacco was named Miss Staten Island 2010! Two teens were also awarded titles and every person on stage was awarded part of the $14,000 scholarships they gave out that night. Way to go SI!

It was great to see Kim Cantoni and the hundreds of people who can to support her -- congrats on your return to Miss New York 2010 as Miss Richmond County! Nirvanna and I also got to catch up with Kara Kolwaski, Miss New York's OT 2009, Ali Stroming, Miss Manhattan's OT, Alex Mazzucchelli, Miss NY OT 2008, and we met Miss Hawaii 2009, Raceen Woolford - beautiful!


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