Friday, October 23, 2009



On Monday, October 12, about 250 people gathered at the Tribeca Rooftop to celebrate the Safe Schools program of PFLAG NYC and support the growth of this amazing organization. Hannah was already in town and my parents were able to join us for the dinner, Monday. Everything looked beautiful and it was so exciting to walk into a space and event that the dinner committee, volunteers and I spent so much time and effort planning. The night was a success to say the least!

Beyond AMAZING food for dinner and dessert, we had intriguing speakers and honorees. Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly gay Episcopal bishop, spoke to the ideas of –isms and their negative effect on society – racism, sexism, and now heterosexism. A principal and teacher from a school in the Bronx spoke about the positive effect that the Safe Schools had on the climate of their school – the kids’ attitudes, tolerance, respect – and shared with us that they were having their first Gay-Straight Alliance meeting this week! Incredible!


Kate Shindle (Broadway actress/Miss America 1998) did an amazing job as the emcee for the night, so fantastic in fact, that in leading the live auction/live call for people to donate in increments of $1000, $500, $250, and $25 she brought us great success! In a room of 250 people who have already paid up to $350/ticket to come, 11 donated $1000, 24 donated $500 and someone matched that $12,000 total! By the end of the auction, everyone had donated at least $25. The night concluded with a benefit performance by Barbara Cook, Broadway legend who at 82 sounds as beautiful as she did when she won the Tony for Marian the Librarian in The Music Man years and years ago.

We by far had the coolest table – my parents Bill and JoEllen, sister Hannah, roommate Carlie, childhood friend Chad, great friends Leigh-Taylor, Paul and Keelie (Miss Brooklyn), and Susan from the Union Theological Seminary. Thank you to those who volunteered – Kaitlin and George, Seth and Goura. You all played an important part in this night and made it very special for me!


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