Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fashion Show!

I have so much to update. For starters, the fun stuff...


I've done 2 fashion shows before, but they were small and not really "high fashion." So how cool to be in New York City, during Fashion week, and walk in a show? This was a show for the launch of the Michael Masoy Agency and Fashion Show Production Company. It was also a benefit for Keep a Child Alive, the AIDS organization. Keep a Child Alive does exactly what it says: it provides the medicine to children and families in Africa to keep them alive. It also helps to protect the 13 million orphans who exist because of the devastating epidemic that is AIDS in Africa.

We arrived at 11 am on the Upper Upper East Side to a man's house that used to be a church before he renovated it. It. was. beautiful. Well kids, I learned why models are so skinny. Common sense, you may think, they just don't eat. From 11:00 am until we left the place at 11:00 pm. No one ate. They just drank Red Bull. awesome. I packed almonds and raisins though - I'm JoJo's daughter. Hair and makeup - jazzy. 3 giant swirls on the top of my head (all my hair! well plus the white tracks), which started with the most awesome side/high pony, ever. I walked for 4 designers and in the 'fantasy' finale. Some wearable...some not so much - but all fun, nonetheless. Inga Schlingmann, Miss Manhattan, was the emcee and experienced fashion show model who first got me into this and then was giving me pointers and encouragement right and left :) Thanks lady!


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